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Emergency Plumber Southampton


If there is no answer from the Emergency Plumber Southampton then we are on another callout

Water meter Location

What to do while you wait for an emergency plumber to arrive…

Look for the outside water meter first, Its at the front of the property usually in a black circle or square metal flap about the size of your hand.

Open it and turn the tap until the water meter stops turning/ increasing in numbers

UK Water Meter

We say do this first as whatever the leak is inside your property this is best bet first as it is generally easier to find.

Next find the stop cock inside the property…

Where is the Water Stop Tap?

Water Stop Tap Location

The water stop tap or stopcock is usually located under the kitchen sink, You may need a pair or grips/ big pliers as it usually is very difficult to turn by hand, That is why we suggest the exterior shut off first.

Still Leaking Water?

cold water tank overflow

Water Everywhere on your Carpets?

Do not worry, Let our emergency Plumber Southampton know and we can bring a large wetvac to pull the water out of the carpets to help save the tons of carpet cleaning needed after the leak has been fixed.

This service is £100 per room.

How much do our Emergency Plumbers cost?